About No Expire


No Expire was created for a single reason: to stop business owners, web pros, creators, and agencies from suffering the silent expiration of the domains that their livelihoods depend on.

The majority of registrars only send email warnings when a domain nears its expiration date. That’s bad enough, but they also only send them to a single email address. For this to be effective, two very unlikely things have to happen:

  1. The person listed as the admin contact actually has to check their email (not to mention the dreaded spam folder)
  2. The person listed as the admin contact must never get a new job or go on vacation.

Not exactly foolproof, is it?

And when a domain expires, all hell breaks loose. The website immediately goes down. Everyone starts calling everyone — is it the server, did we forget to pay our hosting bill, did we get hacked?

For $25 per year, No Expire makes sure this never happens again.

How does it work?

No Expire tracks and updates the expiration date for all of your saved domains on a daily basis.

When a domain comes within 30 days of expiring, No Expire sends a daily SMS message to your cell phone until the domain is renewed. We also send an email, because why not, you know?

Who made this?

No Expire was created by Johnathon Williams. You can find him on Twitter, where he drops dad jokes and complains about WordPress.